Who Cares About People’s 2017 Sexiest Man Alive? I Do Not. 

Then it hit me with a sudden annoyance  after I read the last Instagram post. And so what?  Why are we so concerned to be included in People's magazine? Why is our concern as people of color to be included in the mainstream standards of whiteness?


Exhausted and Woke.

I'm exhausted. I am exhausted and sitting here crying. I am exhausted because I can't take another young black life being taken and cops walking off free. I am exhausted that I have to find out that in the a 30 minute drive from me a white man shoots at a group of pool side … Continue reading Exhausted and Woke.

New Journey, New Transitions, New Thoughts-Newly Wed Part 1

Saturday, Nov 7, 2015-Dara Thomas and Angela Calvin, said I DO. Per  my usual pattern, I disappear for a while in writing and then come back. I keep saying I need to be more consistent. Yet, I feel like I always need to be inspired. I just need to create inspiration and relevance within myself. … Continue reading New Journey, New Transitions, New Thoughts-Newly Wed Part 1